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About Us
Founded in 2001 by a group of enthusiastic scholars, Taiwan Health Care Reform Foundation (THRF) is an independent, non-governmental organization that aims to improve the healthcare quality and patient’s rights in Taiwan.
The foundation exists because we, as members of this society, have observed, or personally experienced the flaws within Taiwan’s healthcare environment.
The backbone of Taiwan’s healthcare is based on a universal insurance coverage of the National Health Insurance (NHI) system. Unfortunately, the quality of system is often compromised by substandard services, obscure legislations, unfair distribution of medical resources, mounting budget deficit, weak patient-doctor relationship and the lack of information transparency and public awareness. These defects have made the NHI prone to abuses and exploitation. And gradually, the healthcare in Taiwan is becoming a purely profit-driven enterprise.
Our goal is to promote healthcare reform in Taiwan through advocacies backed up by careful observation and analysis. And we hope our actions could raise awareness among the government, healthcare providers, and the public.
THRF welcomes support from anyone who share our vision; together we can work together to improve the healthcare future in Taiwan.
Our Mission is to promote a high quality, fair, and just healthcare system in Taiwan.
Here are our goals:
1. Push for a transparent, accountable healthcare system.
2. Promote healthcare safety and patient’s rights.
3. Encourage the public to participate the healthcare reform.
4. Advocate for the fair and just distribution of healthcare resources.
5. Against the overtly profit driven healthcare: While we agrees that all business, includes healthcare, needs to make profit, we believe profit making should not take precedence over the healthcare quality or patient’s safety.
6. Cooperate with the public to supervise the healthcare environment.
All of our advocacies would be closely adhered to our principles. THRF is a non-governmental, non-partisan, non-profit NGO. We welcome other’s supports and participations to our efforts, as long as those helps do not come against the following principles:
i. We do not accept any founds from the Department of Health (DOH), the Bureau of National Health Insurances (BNHI) or any health-related government agencies.
ii. We do not accept any designated donation from other NGOs, charity foundations, corporations, or professional associations.
iii. We will not participate in, or express opinion about non-healthcare related issues.
iv. We will not involve in non-healthcare related political activities.
Our activities and services can be divided into three main categories:
i. We will disclose any substandard and illegal medical practice we have observed, to the public and the related authorities.
ii. We also inspect and analyze the performances of healthcare institutions and health policies through researches, interviews, and public surveys.
iii. We advocate the improvement of healthcare services on the issues of:
1. Healthcare system transparency
2. Patients' safety and rights
3. Medical staff’s safety and rights
4. Improvement of the healthcare quality
5. Revision and reinforcement of healthcare policies
6. Fair distribution of healthcare resources
Patient and Public Empowerments
iv. We aim to empower the patients and increase the public awareness toward healthcare reforms through:
1. Providing information about medical policies and regulations;
2. Teaching the patients about the things to consider and the questions to ask before taking medical treatments;
3. Providing consultant services to patient who suffered from medical malpractice and dispute;
4. Helping patients who suffer from medical malpractice to form self-support groups;
5. Cooperate with NGOs and organizations that promote well-beings of under-privileged patients (e.g. patient with rare disease).
The Taiwan Health Reform Foundation expresses our advocacy through public seminars, press conferences and publications. The following is an example of how THRF develop its advocacy:
i. THRF will identify the potential health-related issues through:
1. Our own observations and surveys;
2. Public complaints;
3. News mediums;
4. Academic reports.
ii. Our project specialist team would research the issue to verify its validity, urgency and damages.
iii. Our chair committees would meet monthly to set up project schedules, strategies, timeline and goals.
iv. Data collection and further researches.
v. Presentation method:
1. Press releases (via online, or paper);
2. Press conferences;
3. Discussions with the responsible government agencies.
vi. Monitoring the follow-up social and governmental responses or activities.
vii. Summarize the issue into our periodicals/publication.
Organization Structure:
Chair Committee


Vice Executive Director ← Executive Director → Vice Executive Director

General Director

Office Sections*
* Office Sections
1. Research and Development Team:
Researches issues about the NHI reform, drug safety, medical information transparency, patient-doctor relationship, health surveys, and healthcare for rare disease and under-privileged.
2. Promotion and Public Education Team:
Website, publications and public education
3. Public Team:
P.R., event planning, and fund raisin.
4. Administration Team:
Office and fiscal managements.

Taiwan Healthcare Reform Foundation
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